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Did you know 82% of potential home buyers can’t qualify for a traditional mortgage…in a good economy.  Lease-Purchase/Rent-To-Own lets you sell a home and buy a home faster. We have perfected the process over 17 years.

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Our Story…

HomeFetchers is the preeminent leader in providing simple solutions for real estate challenges.

We began over 22 years ago with my first real estate course. After buying my first home, I was officially stricken with the real estate bug.  I continued purchasing distressed properties. in my county and eventually in other states.  I bought a variety of homes but stuck to strict criteria to ensure each acquisition was profitable.  I never believed in cutting any corners.  My motto was:  I make my money going in…not coming out.  This philosophy set me apart from other investors. Referrals began streaming in, so I could focus on more quality over quantity. 

As our portfolio grew, we expanded into offering creative financing solutions for the residential and commercial real estate markets.  My mortgage company was founded because of the endless requests from my clients and investors for a lender with integrity. Due to our dominance on the internet, we expanded into 13 states across the country. 


Our Legacy…

The reason for our continued success is because we stay focused on our niche markets and become expert in them. I have personally invested over $250,000 in my education and training. It has truly paid off. 

Eventually, my success in investing led to a call for speaking, writing and consulting. I have been published in several trade journals and wrote two #1 best selling books which are available on Amazon, Audible and Barnes & Noble.  I continue to teach and speak to groups, as well as advise high-impact business leaders. I believe we must give in accordance with our blessings.  

We aren’t all things to all people…but we are exceptional for those we serve.  People reign supreme to profits with us. Nearly 70% of our business is still referral based. We are all best at the things we love to do.  I love my business and everyone I meet in it. Hopefully, we will cross paths soon and prosper for the encounter.   

Koni   Scavella, PhD
Founder of HomeFetchers, LLC

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The internet is a wonderful tool for research and learning.  But how can you tell the real people from the charlatans just based on a website?   Sometimes you just need to meet or pick up the phone and do business the old-fashioned way: face-to-face.

Your home is your biggest investment, so I welcome you to connect with me directly if that helps you feel more comfortable.  Just fill out the form and I will call you back or call me toll-free at 877.810.1717.